Series on Aging

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) partnered with SIG@MaRS to create a series on aging to talk about the needs of Ontario’s aging population. SiG@MaRS kick-started the conversation at “The Series on Aging: Part 1 Social Innovators” held December 3, 2010. 

OTF continued the discussion on April 6, 2011, in partnership with the Ontario Senior’s Secretariat and SiG@MaRS, with "The Series on Aging: Part 2 - Aging and the Not-for-Profit Sector in Ontario: Ready or Not?". This session focused on the effects of population aging on the not-for-profit sector in Ontario.

The symposium included a brief overview of the research OTF has done on the gaps and opportunities facing the sector and its funders. Early success stories were highlighted, as were strategies to help organizations prepare for the challenges and new opportunities.

Check out the agenda for "The Series on Aging: Part 2 - Aging and the Not-for -profit Sector in Ontario: Ready or Not?"

Watch the presentations and hear some of the audio from the day.